A Power-Web can help relieve and help prevent repetitive motion injuries such as carpel tunnel, when used in conjunction with a hand and wrist exercise routine. Read the testimonials below from trainers, therapists, golfers, office workers, patients and more.

  �After typing for hours, using the Power-Web Junior makes my hands and wrists feel much better. It fits easily in my desk drawer, and I use it on breaks when my hands and wrists begin to hurt.�

-Diane Craig, Secretary
    �The arthritis in my fingers was so bad that I haven�t been able to play golf for the past five years. By using Power-Web every day I�m back out on the course and enjoying every minute of it!�

-Angelo (Buster) Rizzo, Retired

  �Thanks to Power-Web, the arthritis pain in my hands has been reduced and I can play games with my grandchildren again.�

-Carol Nehez, Grandmother

"As an avid golfer, the Power-Web helps me work on my grip and finger strength year round"

-Brian Heilmeier, Golf Enthusiast
    �My doctor recommended using a  Power-Web to strengthen my hands and wrists. Since I began using the Power-Web Combo my hands feel great and I�ve knocked five strokes off my golf game! I keep one in my clubhouse locker and one at home.�

-Paul Giese, Businessman

"The POWER-WEB is excellent- a true wonder."
-Golf World Magazine

"We use the POWER-WEB in all of our therapy programs."
-Jim Whitsell, Former Head Athletic Trainer, Seattle Seahawks

"I've got all six and wouldn't give them to anyone!"
-Mike Morris, Former Lineman, Minnesota Vikings

"The greatest advance in rehabilitation and training of the hands, fingers and wrists that I've ever seen."
Dr. Jack Usdin, Orthopedic Surgeon

"The number of exercises which can be performed using the POWER-WEB is only limited to one's imagination."
-Tampa Hand Rehabilitation Center

"...the only effective tool in our clinic for finger extension and thumb opposition exercises. Our patients love using the POWER-WEB!"
-Jupiter hand Clinic, Jupiter Florida

"The American Fitness Association says: "...outstanding strength and safety... excellent for building upper body strength... increase strength in arthritis... decrease pain in carpal tunnel syndrome..."
-Comments for AFA Field Test
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