• Allows duplication of virtually all joint actions including flexion, extension, opposition, abduction, adduction, pronation, and supination
  • Resistance of each web can be modified to meet specific needs by adjusting hand position and/or depth of finger insertion.
  • Both hands can be exercised at once, or a single finger isolated and exercised
  • Accommodates all hand sizes and strength levels
  • Exercise coupled with proper resistance allows for full range of motion
  • Color coded resistance levels for variability
  • Latex free available only in medium junior resistance
  • One exerciser does the work of many
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Illustrated manual included
  • 90-day guarantee

"...the only effective tool in our clinic for finger extension and thumb opposition exercises. Our patients love using the POWER-WEB!"
Jupiter Hand Clinic, Jupiter Florida

  For The Athletic Trainer and Sports Enthusiast

The hands and wrists are two of the most frequently injured parts of the body. Many trainers incorporate POWER-WEB JR. and our new POWER-WEB COMBO into their strengthening programs or as a pre-game warm up. There's nothing else like POWER-WEB, POWER-WEB Jr. or POWER-WEB COMBO for developing strength, dexterity and range of motion.

Used by an increasing number of athletic trainers for professional sports teams-

"We use the POWER-WEB in all of our therapy programs."

-Jim Whitsell, Former Head Athletic Trainer, Seattle Seahawks

For the Therapist

You won't find hand strengthening devices as versatile and easy to use as POWER-WEB, POWER-WEB Jr. and POWER-WEB Combo. These effective exercisers can be utilized for hard-to-imitate joint actions such as forearm pronation and supination, finger extension, thumb opposition, and more. Exercises can be adapted and developed to meet your patients special needs.

"The greatest advance in rehabilitation and training of the hands, fingers and wrists that I've ever seen."
-Dr. Jack Usdin, Orthopedic Surgeon

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